Andrew Ivimey


Andrew IvimeyBorn and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland Andrew quickly gained buzz. Andrew soon transplanted to Toronto is making the city weep with laughter. NOW Magazine described Andrew’s act as “Great lateral thinking material, perfectly calibrated”. You may have seen him performing on the stage of Absolute Comedy, The Second City, and the North by Northeast Festival as well as Nationally on XM radio and Bite TV. Co-creator and writer of TIME Magazine and featured website Texts from Superheroes , Andrew is a nerd and proud of it with a unique brand of intelligently disgusting humor. This stand out style has put Andrew opening for Chris Hardwick, Todd Glass, Greg Behrendt, and Jackie Kashian for the delight of audiences everywhere. Andrew is known for bringing to the stage his unique blend of Newfoundland storytelling humor, utterly nerdy jokes, rugged good looks, and functional alcoholism. A braggart who boasts to be a delight both on stage and off, Andrew Ivimey’s act is not to be missed.