@Brainsgiving Explained

Hey Everyone,

In an effort to avoid being just another informational event twitter account, we like to try absurdist twitter initiatives ’round these parts. Last year we mined human brains, but enough about them — what do the fantastical monsters created by Brainsgiving’s graphic designer think? What runs through their unevenly educated, venomous and non-copyrighted (until now) minds? Now you can follow a monster a week as they go about their sulphuric, matted and huggable lives! Pick a nemesis, pick a favourite (the blue guy), pick a life partner — there’s a nightmare for everyone!

This year our @Brainsgiving Twitter feed will be running on MONSTER WEEKS leading up to the big event on September 28th, 2013.

Each monster’s train of thought will run from Monday to Friday starting Monday August 26th, and will change every Monday for five weeks.

Here are the brains controlling the Brainsgiving Twitter feed this year:

@allthethinks = #att
@oldmanweldon = #omw
@young_fraser = #yf
@kevymetalworld = #km
@mypolishface = #mpf
@guttergarnish = #gg


WEEK ONE: (Monday August 26th-Friday August 30th) Monster #1 Green Guy -


- No longer eats children, but does occasionally snack on the odd Taylor Swift fan.
- Enjoys: Shrieking for hours on end, watching blood coagulate, and craft beer
- Fun Factoid: Was originally up for the role of Gus Fring on Breaking Bad, but was unable to straighten his tie with authority

WEEK TWO: Monster #2 Gold Guy – &
(Monday September 2nd-Friday September 6th)

WEEK THREE: Monster #3 Purple Guy – LARS
(Monday September 9th-Friday September 13th)

WEEK FOUR: Monster #4 Orange Guy – ESTELLE
(Monday September 16th-Friday September 20th)

WEEK FIVE: Monster #5 – Blue Guy – THOM aka “Everyone’s Favourite”
(Monday September 23rd-Friday September 27th)

See you on twitter and at Brainsgiving on September 28th!!

Amanda Terfloth