The Cause

A Note from Toronto Rehab

Did you know that due to an aging and growing population, medical advances that save and prolong lives, and a rise in the prevalence of chronic disease that one out of two people in our society will be touched by disability?

It’s this staggering statistic that drives our efforts to develop solutions for people living with the challenges of disabling injury, illness or the consequences of aging to regain abilities, hope, dignity, independence and quality of life.

Toronto Rehab’s Neuro Rehabilitation Program provides specialized rehabilitation for adults whose lives have changed dramatically because of brain injury, stroke or other neurological conditions. Care focuses on improving patients’ functional abilities so that they can live as independently as possible. Individualized treatment plans help to ensure that patients are working towards goals that are meaningful to them.

Toronto Rehab is one of North America’s leading rehabilitation sciences centres and a leader in integrating patient care with groundbreaking research in rehabilitation, complex continuing care and long-term care to help improve outcomes for the growing number of people living with a disability.

Our vision for the future is bold — to revolutionize rehabilitation to maximize life.