Thank You

Brainsgiving wouldn’t be possible without a number of volunteers and sponsors!


Insomniac-In-Residence: Amanda Terfloth @allthethinks
Stage Manager/Co-Producer: Stevie Baker
Webmaster and Bassist: Tim Attwood
Poster and Graphic Design: Jessica Bartram @anna_swan
Co-Host/Puppet Creationist/Cat Snuggler: Scott Moyle
The Brain Promo Lady: Shannon Bird
Logo and Ticket Design: Jillian Scott
Social Media Support: Solomon Issac, Heather Michaud
Box Office and Print Coordinator: Marie Walker
Sponsorship Support: Heather Michaud, Kelly Ross
Technical Support: Jeff Ridout, Katie Cooper and Alanna McKibbon
Public Relations Support: Anna Camara
Sound Engineer: Quaison Nangle
He’s going to do something because that’s how he do: Andy Wong
Twitter Team: @oldmanweldon, @young_fraser, @kevymetalworld, @mypolishface, @guttergarnish

BRAINSGIVING 2013 Sponsors

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